Nine More Months: Summer Swim Safety Tips with SwimWays

Friday, May 15, 2015

Summer Swim Safety Tips with SwimWays

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Summer will be here before you know it! Here in Southern California it's Summer every other week, basically. But real Summer will be here soon enough, and we can't be more excited for all of the fun activities that it brings. Our favorite of course being swimming.

A day at the pool is so much fun for my little ones, but it can be really stressful for me. I used to be terrified to take all four of my kids to the pool without help, which severely limited our pool days, sadly. Over the past couple of years I've gotten a little better, a little wiser, but definitely not older. Anyway, enough denying my upcoming 30th birthday, I've put together some Summer Swim Safety Tips to help keep your kids safe while they're having fun at the pool.

1. Set clear rules, and make sure everyone understands them. We have very simple rules that even my toddler knows to follow. The first one is: No entering the pool without a grown up. For the toddler, he's also not allowed to get in the water without his life vest. The next rule is: Stay where your feet can touch the bottom of the pool unless a grown up is with you. My older boys can get a little brave, and I worry that if they have any trouble, I might not be able to get to them quickly. The last rule is mainly for my sanity: Stay where I can see you. I count heads constantly when we're in the pool, and I start to panic if I can't see one of my kids at any given moment, so I just ask them to stay in my view at all times. If they can't see me, that means I can't see them,

2. Use lifeguard-approved floating devices. For each stage it's a little different. My older two can swim unassisted and they like to dive for toys, so no more floaties or life vests for them. They have boogie boards that they can strap to their arm when swimming around, and it's an added sense of security for them and for me. My toddler has a life vest that gives him a lot of confidence in the pool, and gives me peace of mind. And the baby, though she stays with me at all times, has a SwimWays Baby Spring Float that she absolutely loves floating around in. It also gives me a free arm if I need it.

3. Keep little ones within arm's reach. I try to keep a hand on the baby float the entire time we're in the pool. Of course sometimes I let go to splash or tickle her, but I don't let her get away from me. My toddler likes to swim free, but I do ask him to stay close to me. He's happy as can be swimming back and forth between the wall or the stairs and me.

4. Take advantage of swimming lessons. Not all parents can afford to put their kids in a swim school. Look in your area for special events or local deals on swim classes. You can check out for some great resources on classes. One swim class is better than nothing! Some areas even have free group swimming safety classes to celebrate National Learn to Swim Day, which is May 16, 2015. Everyone deserves to know how to swim!

5. Have fun! Swimming should be fun for everyone, including parents. Bring lots of toys to play with and make sure to have enough sunscreen to last the day.

We had a lot of fun swimming with our new SwimWays Baby Spring Float. Before we got it, taking the baby into the pool was kind of a chore. She loves the water, but she simultaneously wants to be held and doesn't want to be held at the same time. It's exhausting.

The SwimWays Baby Spring Float was so much more relaxing for both of us. She was instant smiles, and loved being pushed and pulled around the pool. She could even splash in the water right in front of her.

We think the Baby Spring Float is the best baby float you can buy! It is perfect for introducing babies to the water without any stress or tears. It won't take forever to blow up, either. The inside ring took me about 4 big breaths, and the outside took me about 10. Obviously your lung capacity will differ from mine, but you'll have plenty of air left when you're done.

You can pick up a Baby Spring Float from ToysRUs. While you're there, check out the rest of the SwimSteps line - products designed in stages to help children become confident swimmers.

Have a safe swimming season!

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