Nine More Months: 20 Unexpected Uses for Baby Wipes

Saturday, April 30, 2016

20 Unexpected Uses for Baby Wipes

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When you have kids, shopping trips have to be efficient. One of my favorite places to go is Sam's Club because I can get everything I need in one place, and without spending our entire paycheck!

Sam's Club's Member's Mark brand has lots of great baby products that fit your life and your budget.

As much as I love getting more for my money, I also love getting the most out of my baby products. One of the most multi-functional products that you probably have in your house right now is baby wipes. Those suckers can do almost anything! Since I have a nice stockpile of them, I can keep a package in every single room of the house, for more than just diaper changes. They can do all kinds of things! Inspired by the great tips in the Healthy Living Made Simple Magazine, I've put together a list of 20 things you might not have known you could use baby wipes for!

In the Bathroom: 

Remove Makeup - They're made to be gentle, so I have no problem using them to take off waterproof mascara and other hard to wash off cosmetics.

Stray Hair or Bed Head - If you have some strands that don't want to cooperate, just wipe them down with a baby wipe. The conditioning ingredients help tame them and keep them in place.

Get Deodorant or Toothpaste off of clothes - Before kids it was such a bummer when I got one (or both) of these on my outfit as I was getting ready! I would have to find something else to wear because I couldn't figure out how to get it off without the washing machine. These both wipe off with a diaper wipe easily.

Get Hair Dye off Skin - When dyeing hair at home, you always get a little dye on your skin. It comes right off, no stain at all, with a swipe of a baby wipe.

Last Minute Clean Up - Ever have an unexpected guest come by and you know your bathroom is a mess? After I answer the door I just say, "I was just about to run to the restroom, excuse me for a second and make yourself at home!" A quick clean up with a diaper wipe and no one is the wiser! (How do you think I cleaned up for that photo?)

In the Laundry: 

Take stains off clothes - Fresh stains come right off with a baby wipe. I no longer worry when my kids eat something messy. 

Freshen Wrinkled Clothing - Throw a wet baby wipe or two in the dryer to freshen up wrinkled clothes.

In the Kitchen: 

Lunchbox Wipes - Don't worry while your messy eater is at school. Put a wipe in a small baggy in their lunch and they can wipe themselves up much easier than with a dry napkin. (I've trained mine to save the wipe baggy so we can reuse it.)

Cold Pack - Fold a few wipes and place them in a sandwich bag. Add a little water, not more than the wipes can absorb, and freeze. Now you have a perfect portable and affordable cold pack.

Around the House: 

Couch Spills - Keep your couch stain free! Every time something spills, just wipe it up with a baby wipe and it will be as good as new. 

Dusting - The little grooves in the baby wipes are great for holding dust.

Craft Clean Up - Acrylic paint, glue, markers, glitter, etc. It all comes off the table pretty easily if you clean as you go with baby wipes.

Remove Crayon - I've successfully removed crayon from the table, walls, doors, TV, computer screen, and the couch with baby wipes!

Spot Clean the Floor - Weird sticky spots disappear quickly when wiped up with a baby wipe.


Dirty Feet - Keep dirt outside. Wipe dirty feet at the door. Durable baby wipes can handle the job without falling apart.

Perfect Picnicware - Have you ever been eating on the go and realized you forgot a utensil? If you're like me you can probably dig up a dirty plastic fork or spoon in your car, but ew! If you wipe it with a baby wipe then dry with a napkin you'll be just fine.

In the Car:

A Quick Freshening Up - After a long drive you may feel a little gross. Freshen up with a few wipes when you're on the go.

Dirty Dashboard - Wipe with baby wipes to shine and clean your dash!

Clean the Windshield - Got a pesky squashed bug in your view? Next time you stop, wipe it off with a diaper wipe and it's gone. Run your wipers afterwards for a streak free finish. Works for bird droppings too!

Do you have any interesting uses for baby wipes?


Margie P. said...

These are such creative uses! A lot I had never heard of! Thank you! #client

Britton Swingler said...

and, of course, for suddenly-sweaty-pits! ;)