Nine More Months: Spring Crafting with Skittles and Starburst (Plus Free Gift Tag Printable)

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Crafting with Skittles and Starburst (Plus Free Gift Tag Printable)

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Spring is here! Honestly, it's been "Spring" here in Southern California pretty much since December. But, I digress. 

I am physically (and mentally) preparing for Spring Break. A time that I used to relish as a kid is now pretty terrifying to a mom of four kids. But alas, my kids are super excited to have a week without school. I thought it would be nice to put together a Spring-themed gift for the teachers and a little something for their classmates. It all started with a Skittles & Starburst 30 Pack from Sam's Club.

I thought my kids were going to pass out from the excitement of seeing me buy that much candy. (I never buy it. Ever.) Sadly I had to break it to them that we wouldn't be eating it all. I told them that we were making a special project, which actually grew into a few projects. (It's a lot of candy!)

First we tackled a gift for teachers. 

These are super easy to throw together! 

Grab your glue gun, some small treat boxes, a bit of twine, a gift tag (free printable further down the post) and of course a bag of Skittles! 

Glue some Skittles to the front of the treat box with a hot glue gun. We decided on using the first letter of the teacher's last name plus a little flower. 

You're practically almost done! Next you need to fill up the box with whatever you want. These boxes are the perfect size for some more Skittles and some Starburst too. Since teachers are very important people, they deserve some #VIPFruitFlavors. You can also add a gift card in there, or any other small trinket you think your teacher would appreciate.

Now close up your box and tie on a cute gift tag! You're done!

How cute is that?!

If you want to add some treats for the whole class, the gift tags compliment a package of Starburst or Skittles perfectly. 

Here's a FREE printable so you can make these too!

Did I mention there are is a lot of candy in this pack? We decided to a really fun craft with it. I love making gingerbread houses, and I thought it would be fun to do some festive Spring houses. The bright colors of Starburst and Skittles are absolutely perfect for a little candy village.

How fun are these? I love the combination of candies and wrappers. But my absolutely favorite are the Starburst wrapper roof tiles. 

They are super easy to make. Do you sense a pattern here? I'm an easygoing kind of crafter.

First of all, making a house is crazy talk. Go to a craft store and buy little wooden bird houses. They are a dollar. And pick up a cute paper tray to put them in. They're also a dollar.

Take everything off of them and voila! You've got a perfect base to decorate.

For the roof tiles, fold a Starburst wrapper in half, and then in thirds. Repeat 5 million times. (Or 32 times. That's how many I used for my roof.)

With the flat side of your tile down, put a little line of glue on one end of your folded wrapper. I did it on the end that was open, rather than the clean folded line.

Line your tile up starting at the bottom left of your roof. Move to the right, overlapping a little bit. Then start your next row above the first tile, leaving about a third of your first tile showing, and continue overlapping to the right. Repeat all the way up the roof. I finished mine by folding a wrapper in half long ways and then gluing it across the top.

 Now just go crazy adding candies everywhere. I used a combination of wrappers and candies for all of the houses.

Aren't they cute? I thought it would be fun to fill the tray with loose candies and place it in the entryway for guests. Way more fun than a candy dish!

 Happy Spring crafting!

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