Nine More Months: Feelin' SoFabulous For SoFabCon 2014

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Feelin' SoFabulous For SoFabCon 2014

Last year I attended my very first blog conference. Not only was SoFabCon my first, it was the first year for them as well! I won a full sponsorship, which was the only way I would have been able to go. It was a great experience, and when it ended I knew I had to go back.

I'm attending SoFabCon 

This year's SoFabCon is just around the corner and I am more motivated than ever to get there. There isn't that many sponsorship opportunities, so I've taken it into my own hands. I am sending myself to SoFabCon, without dipping into our family budget, and without going off track of our getting-out-of-debt plans, and it's going to feel SO fabulous when I get to my goal.

How am I doing it?

1. A strict budget. 

Spreadsheets are fun and they make sticking to a budget so much easier. My budget tracker is a little thorough, but you could do something simple and still get the same results. 

2. Working, networking, and more working.

I'm picking up jobs wherever I can. Although most freelance work doesn't pay immediately, I can at least know when I have money scheduled to come in and allocate it accordingly.

3. Selling what isn't nailed down.

Pants my oldest son hardly wore can help me be on my way! I get closer to my goal, and another mom gets an awesome deal. Win win!

4. Searching for deals.

I've got flight alerts set for any airport even remotely close to Northwest Arkansas hoping to find an awesome deal. The more money I can save on my flight, the better chance I will have of being able to get there.

I've never been very good with money, but it's pretty amazing what you can do when you've got the motivation.

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Kristin Wheeler said...

Great ways to budget and stay on top of your finances! It can be easy to get disorganized and off track. You are doing awesome!!! I can't wait to see you at SoFabCon!!!

Annette McCormick said...

I love that you are tracking your expenses and looking for new ways to save. I just started putting some of my clothes on Tradesy. What sites do you use? I think it is a good step for me to clear out my closet and get a few extra bucks for other things I want. :) Good luck with your journey and see you at SoFabCon Angela!!!

Rebecca E. Parsons/Cre8Tiva said...

Love that you started the conversation about money and budgeting. I can't wait to see you at SoFabCon Angela!!!

Maria Long said...

Wow that is a detailed budget. I am proud that you are on track like this. Hope you find a decent flight too..

Danielle Simmons said...

Awesome budgeting ideas! Every quarter we go through our belongings and then we a. go to the kids resale shop and sell them what they'll buy, b. have a garage sale, and then c. sell online. It's awesome how much the $5 here or $20 there adds up.

Kim Croisant said...

Well good for you. All that adds up, doesn't it? Staying on a budget was never easy for me. I've always been conservative and that helps to not spend so much on stuff you really don't need. Good luck and see you there!