Nine More Months: School Supplies and Healthy Snacks for Kids in Need #shop #Dole4Kids #Cbias

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

School Supplies and Healthy Snacks for Kids in Need #shop #Dole4Kids #Cbias

The first day of school is both scary and exciting for many children. There's a lot of things kids worry about; being on time, going to the right classroom, making friends, having everything they need, and even whether or not their teacher will like them. One thing kids shouldn't have to worry about is having enough to eat. In America alone, more than 17 million children are at risk for hunger. That's 17 million too many. 

I find it important to not only help out where I can, but also to teach my children the value of helping others. It's especially easy for them to relate to the fact that they can help kids who are just like them, but don't have everything that we have. So I was excited to be involved with Dole and Champions for Kids in such an awesome project.

With our budget of $45.00, we set out to buy as many healthy snacks for kids that we could get. Dole fruit bowls are packed in easy to grab packages in 100% juice, making them a great kids snack. $45.00 may not sound like a lot, but we were able to get 19 packages of fruit bowls with that amount. I felt like that was a great start, and a lot better use than the maybe five fancy coffee drinks I could get with the same amount of money. 

I let the kids have the reigns with this project as much as possible because I really wanted them to feel as involved as possible. They picked out the varieties of Fruit Bowls they wanted to give to the kids. They wanted to pick some different snacks as well, so I had to remind them we were buying Fruit Bowls because of the nutrition value for our money.

They even did all of the checking out as well. All I had to do was slide my debit card. Which is actually nice when you have a wiggly one-year-old who is trying to climb out of the cart the whole time. Yay for helpful big kids!

The next step for us was decorating and filling up our donation box. I outlined the letters and let the kids do the rest. Then we filled it with our Dole Fruit Bowls and it was ready to go to the church. We are hoping that the members will come through and fill it up ten times over with healthy snacks and school supplies for the kids who need them the most. You can see our full shopping story in my Google+ Album.

If you want to get involved check out the brochure below, or go to for more information. Through the month of August, if you let Champions For Kids know the amount of snacks you donated and share pictures, they will double your donation!

Keep up with this awesome service project by following along with Champions for Kids on Facebook and Twitter, and Dole on Facebook and Twitter as well.


Maureen Fitzgerald said...

I love how you put things into perspective - 5 coffee drinks or all of those healthy snacks! Easy choice!!

Elizabeth said...

You did awesome. Love the picture of the kids checking themselves out. How awesome that we can involve our kiddos in these project right???