Nine More Months: Greeña colada smoothie recipe featuring Fruti all natural frozen fruit bars #CBias #FreshNFruti

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Greeña colada smoothie recipe featuring Fruti all natural frozen fruit bars #CBias #FreshNFruti

I'm always trying to give my kids the healthiest food possible. Within reason of course, because they're not always going to eat the things I really want them to eat. I try to sneak extra veggies and protein into their snacks and meals, but they have started to get wise to my tricks, sadly. Social Fabric sent me to Sam's Club on a mission to find a healthy snack alternative that my kids would love.

Luckily, in the frozen dessert section, Sam's Club has a new addition. The Chunks O' Fruti frozen fruit bars are made with real fruit! They take pride in selecting premium fresh fruit from around the world to ensure a quality product. The fruits are delivered to the facility soon after harvesting, so they're as fresh as can be. 

You can really see the pieces of fruit in each bar! The Caribbean Mix (shown above) has quite the variety. It's also my favorite of the four flavors. That rich color isn't the result of artificial anything, it gets it color and delicious flavor from all of the fruit it contains. There's also no High Fructose Corn Syrup to be found, and best of all, they are now Non-GMO verified! 

If your freezer looks anything like mine, you might be worried about fitting a box of 16 frozen natural fruit bars in it. Lucky for you and me, they come packaged in smaller boxes, one for each flavor. 

If your kids are anything like mine, you might have less than 16 left by the time you get home, so no need to worry about freezer space! What, you don't let them eat popsicles while you check out?

While the Fruti bars are totally delicious by themselves, I thought it would be fun to make something extra special to drink. My four year old actually likes spinach in smoothies, and I'm totally fine with that, so I made him a special snack using spinach, a banana, a cut-up pineapple spear, some homemade almond milk (about 1/2 cup) and a Piña Colada Fruti bar that I broke into pieces. Don't forget to take the stick out!

Blend it all together, and what do you have?

I call it a Greeña Colada. It's alcohol-free, so everyone in the family can enjoy it. But you might want to double the recipe if you don't like to share. The possibilities are endless with the drink combinations you can make using Fruti. You can find some great suggestions on the Chunks O' Fruti Facebook and Twitter pages. Use your imagination, and enjoy your healthy treat.

Check out more pictures from our shopping adventure in my Google+ Album!

Disclaimer: I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias®  and Fruti #cbias #SocialFabric #FreshNFruti


Xenia G. said...

Damn that looks GOOD! YUM! Runs to Sam's Club...

Mallery said...

Oh my goodness does that look delicious! Michael loves our spinach juices so I know this would be a winner in our household.

Funkyfauna said...

What a clever idea. I would not have thought if using fruit bars in smoothies, but I will now, thanks!