Nine More Months: Eco-friendly and adorable - meet the Baby Buds crew! #BabyBuds #giveaway

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Eco-friendly and adorable - meet the Baby Buds crew! #BabyBuds #giveaway

In my quest to raise my family in a more natural way, I've become very selective about the products that enter our house. Baby products are especially tricky because there are so many cute and colorful things to choose from, but I can't be sure about the integrity of the materials.

When I was contacted my MomSelect on behalf of BabyBuds™  I was immediately drawn in. All natural and very adorable baby toys that I could give to my little guy without any worries. I thought they might be expensive, much like many other eco-friendly baby products. To my surprise, they're not only affordable, they're being carried at Target! (Select stores for now, but be on the lookout at yours.)

So what are BabyBuds™?

BabyBuds™ are a line of toys that are made with naturally sustainable, eco-friendly fabrics, including certified organic cottons and natural silks. Each BabyBuds™ toy is filled with virgin biodegradable corn fiber, uses only low impact dyes, and is packed with minimal packaging.

There are four equally adorable characters to choose from:
Mogo the Monkey
Zeke the Zebra
Hoot the Owl
Frump the Elephant

Every BabyBuds™ product is free from harmful chemicals, and complies with the strictest global safety standards. There are several different products to choose from, including rattles, teethers, plush toys, crib toys, and blankies. Morgan was instantly drawn to the Mogo the Monkey blankie. It's so incredibly soft, and it makes a comforting travel buddy for a little guy who hates being in his car seat.

Each toy comes with a cute little back story that makes it all the more adorable. Although Morgan's a little too young to get it now, I would love to share it with him when he's a little older. He can even add to it if he wants to get creative with his little friend.

Mogo swings from tree to tree and does flips that make everyone gasp.  He is always on the move and looking for the next cave to explore or cliff to climb. Mogo would go to the moon if he could, and maybe he’ll meet a child who can help him get there.

BabyBuds™ are available in 138 Target stores across the country. Check out the store locator to see where the closest one to you is. I have one less than 20 miles away, so next time I head up that way I'll have to check out the rest of the BabyBuds™ line.

Win it! 

One lucky winner will receive a pair of BabyBuds™ products for their little one. Follow the directions on the Rafflecopter form to enter. Good luck!
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Disclaimer: I received free products in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and not paid for!


Jen Crum said...

I love Zeke the Zebra!

Sarah Maseto said...

omg, so cute! I love hoot the owl!

Amy Reilly said...

Frump the elephant is ADORABLE!

Aubrey Laine said...

I like Zeke the Zebra

sarahlynn23 said...

I LOVE Hoot the Owl!

RaettigFamily said...

Mogo the Monkey

Flip Flopped Momma said...
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Amy Orvin said...

Zeke the Zebra

AStarrA said...

I like Hoot the Owl, would go with our forest theme nursery.

jakiesmom said...

Hoot the owl

Manda said...

The owl!