Nine More Months: #Mamavation Monday - Slow and steady

Monday, March 25, 2013

#Mamavation Monday - Slow and steady

Sweating. I've been doing a lot of it. Mentally and physically.

The first week of Whole30 went amazingly. I dropped over 3lbs like nothing and I was feeling so great. The next week I began Mr. Bookieboo's 5K training plan. I loved it, and I thought I was going to drop even more weight, just like the folks on biggest loser do and just like I did in my Mamavation Mom campaign. Sadly that was not my reality. I dropped a pound, then the next week I worked even harder and dropped less than a pound. How discouraging.

Chicken, peppers, plantains, and guacamole with jicama.

But Mamavation isn't all about the scale, so I had to look beyond the slow weight loss and tell myself not to sweat it. Find something to celebrate. So here are some non-scale victories I can share with you.

  • We made it through three different birthday parties/celebrations without eating ANY junk.
  • I found time to go for a run where there wasn't time in my schedule.
  • I broke my personal record with a 14:28 min/mile.
  • I fit into a pair of shorts that were previously a little too tight.
  • My super-picky 4 year old has started to make healthy choices on his own. (BIG victory!)
  • My overweight 7 year old has lost almost 3 pounds.
I think things are going to go well. Even though the pounds aren't dropping for me the way I'd like them too, the scale is moving in the right direction. (It doesn't help that my husband is losing like crazy. Jerk.) And even when the Whole30 challenge is over, I intend to keep going with that style of eating and hopefully I will continue to see awesome scale and non-scale victories.


Tina Kelley said...

That is awesome! Like Leah says.. there are always non scale victories..

Keep it up.. and keep posting pictures of your food.. I love drooling over them :)

Dee@lumpytolean said...

It is hard when the hubby is losing quicker than you are. That's the case at our house too. You are doing great! Remember not to look at others but only at your own journey. I have a hard time with that and when others are flying and I am not it is tough. I loved watching the biggest loser but I think it was hard for me to keep in mind that is not typical weight loss. 1-2 pounds a week is consistent loss and is great, but when others lose 10 at a time it makes it hard to keep perspective for that.

Syl Galloway said...

I might have to use some of your meal ideas for Whole30! Even after reading It Starts With Food, I still feel clueless.