Nine More Months: #Mamavation Monday and intro to #whole30

Monday, March 4, 2013

#Mamavation Monday and intro to #whole30

Things have been changing around here. I'm on a path to slowly getting more organized in my life, I'm trying to be more involved in my son's schooling, and I've completely revamped our diet.

On March 1st we officially started a Whole30 challenge. If you've never heard of it you can read more about it on whole9life. Basically it's a 30 day challenge to change the way you eat. It's all whole foods. Meat, nuts, eggs, seeds, veggies, and fruits are the basic staples. What are we avoiding? Sugar, grains, dairy, legumes and ingredients that we can't pronounce. Today is day four, and I have to say it's been going pretty well.

Kid-approved Whole30 lunch

Day one was pretty flawless. I made eggs as usual for breakfast, had some orange and grapefruit for a snack later in the morning, and some Whole30-friendly leftovers for lunch. For Dinner we had kind of a feast. We bought steak, chicken breast and shrimp at the store. We grilled it all up and ate some, but of course there was plenty leftover (intended, so that we could have some easy meals for a couple of days). We also had sweet potatoes, asparagus and green peppers and onions with the meat. Yum!


Day two was a little more difficult. We don't spend a lot of time at home on Saturdays. I made breakfast at home with leftovers from dinner. Steak, eggs and sweet potato hash. I had a hair appointment and the boys had their own things to do so we went our seperate ways. For lunch they went to In-N-Out and had protein-style hamburgers. My appointment was next to a juice bar so I had a green juice before my appointment and a banana/date/cashew milk smoothie after. Dinner was date night so we went to a steakhouse of course and ate meat and veggies. I like to say we navigated our day well.

I could get used to this kind of breakfast.

Day three I made breakfast again- eggs, bacon and avocado. Then after running some errands we came back home for lunch, which was chicken salad made with avocado, red onion, and a little vinegar. We ate it in lettuce leaves. Then for dinner we went to my husband's parents house to kind of give them an intro to our new diet. We grilled burgers and topped them with tomato, avocado and onion and served them on lettuce leaves. We had a salad with homemade balsamic and date vinaigrette, wilted garlic spinach and sweet potatoes on the side. My in-laws enjoyed the dinner and hopefully they'll make some changes in their diets as well.

New hairdo!

Today I got up earlier than normal and made breakfast for my husband who never eats breakfast. I am feeling more energetic for sure. My next step is to add some activity, starting with a walk/run this evening after dinner, and then hopefully working up to kicking some booty on the Mamavation Two Week Challenge. Next week I will have a weigh-in and maybe a meal plan,. and hopefully some good news!


lydia said...

I love that this is going so well so far! Be sure to keep us updated because I'm very curious. My biggest concern for my family is my husband's adoration for milk and cheese. :)

kia said...

I did not realize the whole family was going to be doing Whole 30. Right on!! Good luck this month. Also, you are so pretty. I am serious about you doing a beauty thing/makeover thing for Fitcation.

Lindsay Oussa said...

That is so cool that you have the whole family involved and even introduced it to your in-laws!! I CAN'T wait for the 2 week challenge!

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Firstly, LOVE your new do! :)

Secondly, it really sounds like you and your family are on the same page with this challenge, which is so, so, SO important.

My mom and I are on the same page when it comes to eating but my dad and sister aren't, so that makes it really hard unfortunately.

Speaking of eating better, I DEFINITELY need to start taking a page from your guys' book o.O

Keep up the good eating!

Momma Hunt said...

Hey love the hair....good for you sticking to the Whole 30-If only I could get my hubby on board for that!

Joanna said...

Dude, your hair looks awesome! I'm totally loving it! Whole 30 can be a pain in the butt to adjust to with the whole family, but it is SO worth it! Keep up the awesome work!

Syl Galloway said...

Your hair looks gorgeous! I'm definitely going to look into doing Whole 30 when I'm done juicing.

Megan Preovolos said...

I need to try this!!! Need to get my mind and body healthy again! Thanks for the idea and info!