Nine More Months: Make it with Mushrooms! #MushroomDish

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Make it with Mushrooms! #MushroomDish

March is National Nutrition Month. When you think about nutrition, mushrooms might not be the first thing to come to mind, but those funny little fungi are packed with power! Unlike other items found in the produce section, mushrooms don't have an off-season. They're always an affordable option to add a little healthy variety to family meals.

I almost always have white mushrooms on hand. I love them raw in salads, but I also love to add them to all kinds of meals. Using my handy little slap-chopping device, I can finely dice them and add them to any recipe that calls for ground beef. They help stretch the meat out a little and keep it moist, but they also add lots of Vitamin D, Vitamin B and even antioxidants to our meatloaf, hamburgers or meatballs. My four year old is especially picky, but adding mushrooms into the meat of his favorite dishes is a sure fire way that I can keep him healthy and happy too.

Crimini mushrooms are always a treat. I love to slice them up and add them to my eggs with a little spinach. At only 20 calories per cup, I never really have to worry about overdoing it with mushrooms. Did you know they're the only source of Vitamin D in the produce aisle? I try to get all of my vitamins through food, so adding a little to each meal helps me round out my vitamin intake.

Portabella mushrooms are one of my favorites. Brushed with a little olive oil and then grilled, they make a delicious substitute for meat to add to sandwiches, wraps, salads and even pasta dishes. I prefer a grilled portabella over a veggie patty because of the simplicity (no weird ingredients) and of course the flavor. They also compliment chicken very well, especially with a little wine. Or, you can enjoy your portabellas raw as a replacement for burger buns. Simple and delicious.

This is a sponsored post from The Mushroom Council who asked me how I add mushrooms to the menu in a way that suits my family’s tastes and health goals. For more information and great recipes ideas you can check them out on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Shelby Barone said...

I wish I could eat them...they look so good...darn allergies.

Syl Galloway said...

Holy mushroom Batman!

Jamie said...

Love your mushroom pics =) Heheh, I can respect the mushroom but I admit I'm not a big fan.