Nine More Months: Telebrands - a huge scam. They literally STOLE our money.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Telebrands - a huge scam. They literally STOLE our money.

My husband and I are very informed consumers. We do a lot of research before making purchases, and we always discuss it with each other before committing to buying anything at all. Because of this "system" we've talked each other out of buying some stupid things, as well as some not-so-stupid things that we just plain didn't need. And we most definitely NEVER buy anything off of the television.

So I'm sure you can imagine my surprise when I saw a weird charge on my bank account. $19.73 for an Aluma Wallet. I immediately called my husband and told him about it. He called the bank, they were helpful, but we would have to wait until the charge cleared before they'd refund it. I called the 1-800 number listed in my bank charge. I figured they might like a heads-up that a fraudulent charge was going on with one of their products. The woman on the line was less-than-helpful. In fact, she was downright rude. I gave up on the call and figured once my bank took care of it that would be the end of it.

That same day, my husband called Telebrands as well. He wanted to know why they had charged us for an item we never ordered. The woman - actually the same rude woman who had "helped" me - asked for his credit card number because she couldn't find the order via our address. He gave it to her, and she still said she didn't have a record of any order made with that card. He gave up as well.

A few days later the charge was gone and all was well.

Then, this past Friday there was another charge. Same amount, same product. He immediately called the bank to get it on record. They made a note on the account and told us as soon as it cleared they would reverse it. The girl looked up the charge and told my husband it was made with his card. He had her cancel the card and issue a new one.

The next afternoon I came home from the Urgent Care clinic to find a box on the front doorstep. I was expecting a gift I had purchased for my husband from a more trusted source ( but instead I found this:

It had my husband's name on it, but the street address was wrong. Right street, but wrong house number. I think because we get a lot of stuff via UPS, our guy just recognized the name and dropped it off. We thought maybe someone on our street was using our card to shop online, but it doesn't make sense that they'd only buy one thing - and try to buy it twice at that.

I'm pretty sure the woman who was "helping" my husband find this order that didn't exist took it upon herself to input his credit card number and information and ordered him some wallets.

And here's the kicker. Even with the physical product in our hands and a packing slip with the order number on it they still are denying having any record of the order!


My husband might have made the mistake of giving her his credit card number, in an attempt to settle a dispute, but he did not give anyone permission to use it. Looking online there are plenty of reports of shady practices happening with this company from people who have placed orders with them. The thing is, we never placed an order with them. We know better than that.

I plan on taking this "evidence" and filing some kind of claim against them. As soon as my husband's new card comes in the mail I intend on canceling mine and getting a new one as well just to be safe. But this kind of behavior is not acceptable from any company! I'm sure they have no problem getting gullible people to buy their products.

Even if you think you might be interested in an As Seen on TV product, DO NOT ORDER IT. Go to Walmart, or Bed Bath and Beyond and buy it there. If it doesn't work you can return it without having to go through a sea of trouble. NEVER, EVER let Telebrands get a hold of your information. Telebrands is a scam. A huge scam.


GAFlyGirl said...

yikes!!!! I am so sorry to hear of you going through this. pray they never get my info!

GAFlyGirl said...

notice it says id theft protection but what did they do to you???? ironic.. :(

Shelby Barone said...

This is horrible. Thank you for sharing...we will totally be super careful going forward.

Krissyar said...

WOW! I guess you could say you were somewhat lucky and it wasn't a bigger item they charged you for (I have had this happen to me).
There are definitely some shady shisters out there. Thanks for the warning!

Resa said...

UGH! How awful :( But that's a really good point you make, actually purchasing as seen on tv items in store instead of online/over the phone.

Rachel {} said...

Whoa... thanks for the warning. How awful!

Jay Fleischman said...

Under the Fair Credit Billing Act, you get 30 days to dispute the bill with your credit card company. Calling TeleBrands does nothing for you.

In addition, I recommend that you pull all three of your credit reports using the free annual credit report system ( - not, which is the one with the TV commercials. Go over your reports line by line for any errors, and dispute those errors with the credit reporting agencies directly by mail (not online because that causes you to give up some legal protections).

Finally, add a fraud block on your credit reports so nobody can request new credit in your name without verification.

If you run into trouble or difficulty, track me down online by name. Maybe I can help.

Terra H. said...

Yowzers, hope it all gets all cleared up without any further trouble. Thanks for the heads up about Telebrands. Will keep that in the back of mind next time I do an online purchase.

Melanie said...

My aunt had an eerily similar situation with some teeth whitening trays. I wonder if it was the same company?