Nine More Months: Get Better Chicken Soup

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Get Better Chicken Soup

Like I said before, cold and flu season is in full swing. I like to make this Get Better Chicken Soup when I'm feeling a little under the weather to help boost my immune system. I can't make any medical claims, but usually I don't get much more than a few sniffles if I time it right. I made some for a friend who was super sick, and she told me the next day she felt so much better and was on the road to recovery. Sometimes a little wholesome nutrition is what your body really needs to fight off illness.

Smart and Final has Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast on sale beginning on February 13th for $1.99/lb, which is perfect to add some substance to the soup.

I also picked up some celery, carrots, onion, herbs, and butter. I make my own chicken broth, so I already had that on hand. I highly recommend making it, there are so many great benefits! But if you don't, you can pick some of that up too. (For an affordable chicken broth, #ChooseSmart and grab the First Street brand.)

My ingredients at home, ready to be turned into an amazing health-boosting Get Better soup:

I start by sautéing the cubed chicken breast in some butter. Once it's looking golden brown on all sides I take it out. It should be mostly cooked at this point.

I add in my diced veggies, cooking them for about 5 minutes, until they become fragrant. They don't need to be completely cooked through since they're going to boil in the broth.

Then I add the garlic and cook just a minute. Don't be afraid of the garlic. Use a lot, and make sure it's nice a fresh. It's one of the reasons this soup is so effective.

Throw the chicken back in and add your broth. Let your soup simmer for 10 to 20 minutes. You want your carrots to be soft and your chicken to be cooked all of the way through. Once it's done, remove from heat and stir in your fresh herbs.

Serve immediately and kick your cold to the curb. I like to make this soup for dinner when I know we're feeling a bit run down. It really hits the spot!

Get Better Chicken Soup Recipe

2-3 Tablespoons of butter
1-1 1/2 pounds of cubed chicken breast
3 carrots, peeled and diced
3 celery stalks, diced
1 medium onion, diced
6 big cloves of garlic (or 8-10 if they're small), minced (be sure to use fresh garlic)
1 Tablespoon chopped fresh thyme leaves
1 Tablespoon chopped fresh oregano leaves
2 quarts chicken broth
Salt and Pepper to taste

Melt 2 Tablespoons of the butter in a large pot or Dutch Oven. Add your cubed chicken and sautée, stirring often, until browned on all sides. Remove from pot and set aside. Add your carrots, celery and onion. Sautée for about 5 minutes, then add garlic. Add your chicken back in and pour in your broth. Simmer on low for at 10 to 20 minutes. Once the chicken is cooked and the carrots are soft, stir in your herbs and serve.

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Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

This sounds absolutely wonderful to me!

Sara @ said...

This sounds perfect for this cold and dreary Winter weather. Thank you for sharing!

Susan Marie said...

This looks delicious. I am going to have to try it!