Nine More Months: Roadtrip Recap: Part 1 #BishopRoadtrip1213

Friday, January 25, 2013

Roadtrip Recap: Part 1 #BishopRoadtrip1213

We're finally back and mostly settled in. It's been a very long month for the Bishop family. Although I hinted at it on the blog, I never fully explained it. We went on another road trip! That's right, everyone who said we were crazy the first time we drove across the country and back with two kids now thinks we're doubly crazy for doing it with three!

We took basically the same route to Florida that we did on the first trip out, but the way back had a few more detours. That's why we gave ourselves a full week just in case it took a little longer than expected. 

Approximately 6100 miles - not including the driving around we did while we were in Florida for two weeks!

We planned to leave immediately after school on December 20th. We did a farewell dinner and said our family goodbyes the night before so that we could leave earlier this time. We had had a busy week, so when the morning of the 20th came we weren't nearly as prepared as I would have liked to be. Regardless, we got as much done as we possibly could and we were on the road around 4:00 PM. An hour and a half behind schedule, and late enough in the day that we got caught in some major San Diego traffic. We powered through the best we could and once we were past it we began the long trek to our first major stopping point on the trip, Austin! 

Yep, I drove through the night once again. It's both calming and a little creepy when everyone is asleep and there's barely any cars on the road. You get a lot of ground covered for sure.

When the sun began to rise we were in Las Cruces, New Mexico. We stopped briefly for gas and then continued on our way, eating breakfast that we brought with us in the car. After a few hours of not having any connection on our phones, we stopped at a town in Texas that had a McDonalds (and not much else more) to steal a little wi-fi, check in, and then continue on. We were going to let the kids play in their play area but for whatever reason it was locked so we let them throw rocks in the parking lot instead. That's just as fun.

After another three or so of driving we got to another town in Texas. Seriously, there is nothing around on the drive through West Texas. We stopped to take a break and I ran into the grocery store to get some sandwich meat - the only other option for lunch was McDonald's. We did end up going into McDonald's anyway because they had a play area that was actually open, and it was too cold to go to a park. The boys needed it for sure. They were running and screaming like they had never seen a play place before in their lives. We also used that opportunity to feed Morgan baby food for the very first time ever. Because you know, being on vacation in the middle of nowhere is a smart time to make a drastic change in your child's life. Whatever, he liked it.

We were still another 5 hours from our first real stop, Austin, and we were already behind schedule so I had to get back on the road. I didn't account for the time changes (I did the same thing last time we did this) and there were more potty breaks than I had anticipated. (Can't everyone just all be on the same bathroom schedule? Jeez.) Because there is basically no 3G or 4G service anywhere in West Texas, my friend Jenn did me an amazing favor by not only finding us a hotel for the night, but also booking it and checking in for us, so when we got to Austin she was waiting with our room key. How awesome is that?!

Jackson couldn't handle the cold on the short walk from the van to the hotel lobby.

After a quick change we went out to dinner with our friends Jenn and Evan. They found a nearby Mexican restaurant that had great reviews, and it did not disappoint. Even though we were tired and cold it was very refreshing to see some familiar faces and spend some time catching up on our crazy lives.

After dinner, we headed straight to bed. Traveling for 28 hours without stopping to sleep can be kind of tiresome if you ask me. We planned on getting up nice and early so that we could make good time the next day, do a little sight-seeing and make it to the Florida panhandle some time in the evening. Check back for Part 2 to see how we did.


Xenia G. said...

Yes I think you are crazy but having done it (CA to TX) with 3 boys in 2010, I kinda wanna do it again lol Can't wait to read more and I hope you include cost, etc. I get curious about that type of stuff! Would you do it again?!

Shelby Barone said...

I loved watching your road trip on Instagram. So much fun!