Nine More Months: Social Fabric Virtual Gift Exchange 2012

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Social Fabric Virtual Gift Exchange 2012

I love participating secret santa gift exchanges. It seems that each year, though, I get busier and busier. I mean, right now I'm sitting in a hotel room in Texas on our way to Florida. So when I saw the signups for a virtual gift exchange in the Social Fabric community, I knew that would be a fun way to spread a little holiday cheer without spreading myself too thin. Instead of giving gifts, we are giving each other some linky love and kind words.

My recipient is Mari Tuten of Inspired By Family Magazine.

I did not know Mari before, and according to her profile on Social Fabric she is relatively new to the site. I had a great time learning more about her and her website - even if it felt a bit like cyber stalking. Mari had a great desire to start an online family magazine, even though she knew nothing about web design and didn't have it in her budget to get started. Despite the obstacles, her desire became a reality in 2011. Inspired By Family Magazine is such a wonderful collection of recipes, crafts, and family activities as well as inspiring posts about faith.

Check out this recipe for No Bake Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles as a great homemade gift idea. They look amazing! Although I'd have to make a double batch because there's no way I could package those up without eating a few or a whole batch.

I also love this DIY party favor idea for Snow Dough. I always try to get creative with party favors. The junk at the party stores is mostly that - junk. It gets thrown away pretty much immediately and costs too much money! And I try to limit the candy to a piece or two. It's so smart to make your own, and those snowmen are adorable.

There are also many inspiring posts as well. I love her recent post about Decluttering Toys for Charity. We are always getting rid of the old and broken toys, but there are toys my kids have barely played with and probably never will. Why not let someone else have fun with them? And the cute poem and tutorial to make a Santa sack makes it so fun for the kids. 

Mari also writes for the Spanglish /Baby website. Check out this fun holiday bath activity for kids: Shaving Cream Paint!

Stop on by one of those links or the Inspired By Family Magazine Facebook page if you'd like to help spread the virtual holiday cheer!

Mari, I hope you have a wonderful holiday and are able to spend lots of time with your family!

Here's the full list of participants:

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LOL, on the cyberstalking. Thanks so much for sharing your kind words about our e-zine. It has been fun getting to know you via your blog and working with SoFab. Blessings on your blogging journey this coming year!