Nine More Months: Mamavation Monday: 11/5/2012

Monday, November 5, 2012

Mamavation Monday: 11/5/2012

Boy has it been an interesting week. My team mate, Andrea, had a very exciting announcement to share with everyone. She's pregnant with baby number three! Even though that means we have little to no chance of winning this, we realized that our team has a different purpose. Between her pregnancy and my nursing a baby, we can show how to be healthy without necessarily trying to lose weight. Over time I know both of us will lose all of the weight we want and need to, as long as we stick to our healthy habits.

Now that Halloween is over, my next issue is dodging the next food-centric Holiday, Thanksgiving. I did okay last year, mainly because I had morning sickness and wasn't eating much. This time around my appetite is much different, and I have to work against hunger and hormones to make sure I'm making the best choices. The average person gains between 7 and 10 pounds during the months of November and December, and I just can't afford to see the scale go up any more.

My list of goals for the week:
-Keep hydrated
-Stick to whole foods - no more eating out.
-Get the rest of the candy out of the house.
-Burn off some stress and energy with my Tae Bo DVDs.

I can't post my weight here, so if you want to see how I'm doing, you'll have to tune in to tonight's Mamavation Monday TV show. Hope to see you there!

Disclosure: This post is written as part of the requirements for my participation in the Mamavation Graduate campaign. I am not receiving any compensation and all opinions are strictly my own!


mom27g said...

Woot woot!! Sounds like you are doing awesome!!

kia said...

YES!! I love that you and Andrea are continuing the challenge with more pragmatic goals than immediate weight loss. I also love that you are two bookends on the motherhood path. xoxo

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Getting the candy out of the house where it's not tempting is a very wise idea! The holidays are so hard to get through, but I try to remember it's about having a taste not an entire portion and usually that works.