Nine More Months: A Few Tips About Road Trips

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Few Tips About Road Trips

My husband and I love to travel. Our meeting each other was the result of a road trip of his, so naturally once we were married we continued to share our love of the open road. When our first son was born, we didn't stop the adventures on his account. We started off small; a two-hour trip to San Diego, a four-hour drive to Las Vegas. Then we moved on to bigger things, like a ten-hour drive to Northern California. When he was almost three years old, and his younger brother was 11 months old, we did the unthinkable. We drove straight across the country to visit my parents in Florida.

This summer we kept it pretty small, with trips to Las Vegas and San Diego with the kids, and one trip to Texas for just my husband and I. We're planning another big Florida trip this December, this time with three kids. At that time they'll be six-and-a-half, four, and the youngest will be just five months old. In anticipation of our upcoming expedition, I thought I'd share a few of my tips and must-have items to make the journey smoother.

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Make frequent stops.
This is for the benefit everyone, not just the kids! It's tough to make it through those long stretches of highway without stopping every now and then to stretch and get the blood flowing. It's especially important for the driver so they're not falling asleep at the wheel. Our strategy for long trips is to start before sunrise and get a lot of ground covered so that we can spend a good part of the day out of the car as well.

See something different.
So many people just drive through cities and towns without even blinking. They might stop at a gas station, or maybe a chain restaurant to get some food. I feel like you miss so much that way. I enjoy stopping at visitor's centers, historical road side markers, and even funky tourist traps. We often drive a little ways off of the highway, further into a town, to eat somewhere we can't eat at home, or see something that you won't see anywhere else.

Pack some healthy essentials.
Many times, you'll be stopping for a bite in a town that doesn't have much more than a lone fast food restaurant. I make sure we have fruits and veggies with us at all times, but I can only pack so much, and I have a car full of hungry boys. I throw a box of Culturelle Kids in the car (and actually the adult version too) so that I know we've got all of our bases covered. It boosts the digestive system, and in turn the immune system as well, so even if we are eating less than ideal options, we still have that added support. It also helps reduce occasional digestive upset, which is helpful when you're dining at truck stops.

Most of all, a road trip should be fun. For us it's not about getting from point A to point B as fast as possible. If we wanted to do that we'd get on a plane. For us it's about going on a journey as a family and learning as much as we can about other people, places and even a little history.

Disclaimer: This post was a writing prompt sponsored by Culturelle Kids. I received compensation, but all opinions and experiences are my own. 

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swizzlestickmama said...

It's too funny that you posted a pic of your minivan-- I was about to do that too (and probably still will) about how AWESOME it is to take out the captains chairs unless you know you need them.

We just started using Culturelle for the kids...I think it's a great product.