Nine More Months: Mamavation Monday 11/7/2011

Monday, November 7, 2011

Mamavation Monday 11/7/2011

I have this tendency to disappear when I'm not doing well. I mean, personally I am okay, there is nothing to worry about there. I have always been able to handle whatever emotional garbage or stress is thrown at me. But my health? Well it's not doing so great. I started the 2 Week Challenge on twitter, knowing that I really needed a boost. I finished two whole days, got stuck at work for a few long days and then quit.

As I write this post I am battling a nasty cold. As the weather here just recently got unseasonably cold, everyone in my house got sick including me.

As my pants started to get tighter and tighter over the past few weeks, it was just one of many clues that I needed to get my crap together. When you don't feel comfortable in your clothes you lose confidence and instead of motivating me it's kind of made me feel even crappier. I stopped weighing myself, somehow thinking that I could ignore it. It only made things worse. So here's where I am now.

I'm getting dangerously close to numbers I never wanted to see again, so now is the time I need to get control back.

The first step I took was yesterday, when I went through my old emails and looked up my meal plans from when I was a Mamavation mom. I planned out some meals for the week, including make-ahead and crock pot meals for the times I work late. There can't be any more take-out or pizza nights in my house for a while.

I also need to plan ahead for work outs. I know my work schedule far enough ahead of time that I should be able to fit in some kind of workout each day. And then there's my water intake. For some reason I just haven't been drinking water. I don't know why! I need to make sure I have water on me at all times and that I am actually drinking it too.

Once I have these small steps down I will build up from there. Hopefully I can get out of this slump sooner than later before the holidays hit hard.


Katie said...

Hey beautiful mama! I've missed you! You know if you want a fitness buddy, I am always here. Text me, call me, email whatcha gotta do. We used to do pretty good at challenging each other. Big hugs and welcome back.

Megan said...

Hugs! Its rough out there. So glad took are recovering and planning ahead to keep yourself away from those numbers you don't want to revisit.
Took are tough and awesome and I know you can kick this rut to the curb. You are seriously my inspiration. I keep your Christmas card on my fridge.

Owen's Mom said...

I completely understand. My scale has been creeping up and I needed a true kick in the pants! Holidays (with all our birthdays, etc.) are very stressful for me and I usually get the Winter blues about my weight and eating habits.

Let me know if I can help, lend support or do some workouts with you. I signed up to become a Nutrisystem blogger and will be dusting off my Mamavation EA Sports workouts. :)

Love ya!

blueviolet said...

It's good that you realized it and caught yourself though. Now you can turn it back around! :) said...

You caught it early, now make a plan and move forward!!! You can do it!!!