Nine More Months: Nickelodeon Monkey Quest - Review and Giveaway!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nickelodeon Monkey Quest - Review and Giveaway!

Recently my husband told me he was bringing Mason, our five-and-a-half year old, a surprise home from work. I was racking my brain all morning and afternoon, and when he came home from work in he walked with a computer tower and monitor. His work got a bunch of new computers, so the old ones were up for grabs. With the hard drive wiped clean and a new version of Windows installed, we were in business!

At first I thought, "Why does our five year old need a computer?" But after thinking about the time he spends playing educational games on our computers and iPhones I realized this was awesome. He has his own, which means I'm free to use mine whenever I want!

He started off by playing online games, but started to get bored of them after a while. They stop being challenging if you memorize all the answers, after all. Then we were given the opportunity to try a new game.

Monkey Quest is basically a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) for kids. It's targeted at kids ages 8 to 12, but my computer-savvy almost-six-year-old had no problem playing! Like most online games, it's free to play, but you can upgrade to a paid account for more exciting features. Once you sign up, you pick a tribe to join and then it's non-stop adventures in the land of Ook.

A spectacular world where monkeys swing from vines, bounce on drums (and the occasional unsuspecting octopus or panda!), and uncover treasures beyond imagination. Populated with a dynamic cast of characters, the promise of wild adventure exists at every turn.

Under the visionary leadership of the Monkey King, the residents of Ook have explored and settled every corner of the land. The monkeys have formed five tribes, each originating from one of the Monkey King’s five unique companions. While all five tribes are very different from one another, they all show signs of the Monkey King’s influence.

An exciting and wild land, Ook and its inhabitants must always be on their guard. The increasing presence of Shadow Monsters, even after the supposed defeat of the Shadow Demon, Ka, threatens the monkey tribes with the possibility of attack at any moment.

There's so much to do for free, but if you would like to upgrade your child's experience there are a few options. Paid memberships are $9.95 for one month, $24.95 for 3 months, or $79.95 for a year.

Giveaway Time!
I have a Monkey Quest prize pack to give away to one lucky reader! It includes a Monkey Quest tote bag, t-shirt and hat along with an insider’s guide to best navigate the land of Ook!

How to enter:
Leave a comment telling me what your child's favorite thing to do online is! Easy!

For extra entries (leave a comment for each one):
-follow me on Twitter, tweet about the giveaway, using this link: and putting @ninemoremonths in there.
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-Leave a comment on my facebook page saying hi.

You can tweet multiple times a day for extra extra entries! Good luck!

Small print: Giveaway ends September 29th, 2011 at 9:00pm PST. Open to US only. Winner MUST reply within 24 hours with their shipping information or another winner will be chosen. Winner will be contacted directly.


Sarah Lynne said...

My boys dont play online a lot, but Ben loves to play with my sisters Ipad and he plays with Talking Dog, and some zombie game!!!

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Sarah Lynne said...

I am a facebook fan

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